Friday, July 26, 2013

How to Repair Wall Cracks ?

In daily life, we often find events rift wall. There are times when home construction is still relatively new, but the cracks are there. Cracked wall is a problem that often occurs in a house which is very disturbing both in terms of beauty, and a sense of security as fears of building collapse. How could this happen and what to do to handle it? To find out how it could happen, we need to know that there are many causes of cracks in the walls of the house

Here are some of the causes of a cracked wall

Building structure (column, beam, slab, foundation) is not strong

Structures that are not in support of the load caused the couple brick walls bear the burden of the case, masonry which should only serve as a room divider should help the existing structures in maintaining the stability of the home, this is what causes a cracked brick wall as it works out his ability and the result is the most fatal building collapse.

The use of a mixture of brick masonry that is not true

For example, the use of sub-standard cement needs, the use of water that does not meet the requirements, the use of sand which contains a lot of mud or with high levels of organic matter. Mixture ratio of masonry material that is not true can cause masonry to become brittle and crack even the collapse of the building.

Any additional load on the building

additional burden here means a given load on a structure exceeds the initial planning, for example, which was planned to house one floor and the floor level to 2 in the absence of structural strengthening, natural disasters such as earthquakes, landslides, heavy winds, floods and the like. additional expenses that can not be supported by the structure can cause damaged brick masonry.

Stucco or avian drying process is too fast

drying process is too fast can cause cracks in the brick walls, prevention efforts by watering the walls plastered or of aci after finishing work in progress.